Email: stmichaelschurch@rogers.com phone # 905 774 6972

 204 Alder Street West, Dunnville, Ontario. N1A 1R4   CANADA

    Tel. 905-774-6972

Website:  http://www.saintmichaelsparish.net

    Emails: stmichaelschurch@rogers.com

Pastor: Father Sunny Sebastian, Vicar Forane  

OFFICE HOURS  Tuesday:  12:30 pm – 3:30 pm.  Wednesday: 12:30 pm- 3:30 pm.  (Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays: Closed)


Tuesday to Friday : 8:30am Rosary followed by Mass at 8:45am 

Weekend Masses : Saturday : 5:00pm. Sunday: 8:30am & 10:30am


 We, as the Eucharistic  family of St. Michael the Archangel, believe in the life, death and resurrection of our  Lord Jesus Christ. We foster a welcoming and active faith community by sharing our gifts of time, talent and treasure.  Following Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to prayer, service, and living our faith. We continue to  give witness to our faith as we attempt to lead all souls  to God’s eternal kingdom in the Roman Catholic Tradition.

YOUTH CHOIR DIRECTOR: Laurie  Rykse: 905-774-6052
YOUTH DIRECTOR: Emily Sutcliffe : 905-869-5396
CHILDREN’S LITURGY: Siobhan Hamilton: 905-351-4392
LITURGY & MUSIC MINISTRY: Margaret Kielbowich: 905-774-7024
Elizabeth Niec: 905-701-9033
Organists: Cindy Huitema: 905-774-7784
Karen Hofstede: 905-774 - 4488
LECTORS & EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS; Barbara Sutcliffe: 905 -774-5396
MINISTRY TO THE SICK: Margaret Noble 905- 481– 1244
SACRISTAN & CHURCH DECORATIONS: Margaret  Kielbowich: 905-774-7024
PARISH CELEBRATIONS: Bernadette Poth: 905-701-1153
Dan Rykse: 905-899-3826
SUNDAY COFFEE SOCIALS: Margaret Noble: 905-701-3399
PARISH COUNCIL: Bernadette Poth: 905-701-1153
BUILDING COMMITTEE & FINANCE: Carl Hofstede : 905-774 - 4488
MICHAEL’S CEMETERY BOARD: Don Weaver: 905 -774 -4132
 Secretary: Lisa Ellis:  905-736-0563
ST.  MICHAEL’S SCHOOL: Principal: Anna Fortunato:  905-774-6052
Secretary: Irene Bowden
CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE: President: Bernadette Poth: 905-701-1153
LEGION OF MARY: Margaret Noble: 905-481-1244
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Mike Dilse:  289-808-8599
VINCENT DePAUL: Mary Mater: 905-701-9999